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From the organization perspective; GOPIO Silicon Valley is organized into Board of Directors who serves for a period of two years. Due to the scope of the organization’s plans and influence to serve members of the PIO (Person of Indian Origin) community within Silicon Valley, we have structured into management committees that oversee different aspect of work that GOPIO Silicon Valley aspires to serve. Anybody who has a passion to serve the community is encouraged to be part of the organization by volunteering in any of the management committees. Let us together make this journey a meaningful venture for all of us.

The list of possible management committees are below

Chair /Co-Chairs- International Affairs
Chair/Co-Chairs- Community Outreach
Chair/Co-Chairs- Media and Publicity
Chair/Co-Chairs -Cultural
Chair/Co-Chairs- Technology and Innovation
Chair/Co-Chairs- Entrepreneurship
Chair/Co-Chairs- Political Outreach
Chair/Co-Chairs- Photography/Videography
Chair/Co-Chairs- Kids and Youth Development
Chair/Co-Chairs- Women Issues
Chair/Co-Chairs- Senior Citizens Program
Chair/Co-Chairs- Health & Wellness
Chair/Co-Chairs- Economic Development
Chair/Co-Chairs- Fundraising and Sponsorships
Chair/Co-Chairs- Strategic Planning
Chair/Co-Chairs- Finance
Chair/Co-Chairs- Political Education
Chair/Co-Chairs- US Indo Senate
Chair/Co-Chairs- Homeless Support
Chair/Co-Chairs- Corporate Relationships
Chair/Co-Chairs- Sister Cities
Chair/Co-Chairs- Legal Affairs

If you are interested to Volunteer and be part of the team, please send us your thoughts