“Apart from my busy professional schedule in the High-Tech Sector , I spend considerable amount of energy and my personal resources to build communities from bottoms up for a cause. I will bring my experience to the newly formed GOPIO Silicon Valley Chapter with the same energy and passion to uphold the vision and mission of GOPIO International.”

Board member Term of Office: Feb 2012 – Jan 2015 (3 Years)

Professional Background

With a B.S. in Electronics Engineering and an MBA; I have extensive experience in operations and innovation management in mobile, automotive, consumer electronics, components, semiconductors, and capital equipment industries; with a record of improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability through automation and process improvement in Big Multinational Corporations. I have developed outstanding interpersonal, motivational, and presentation skills gained by living and working in 4 countries, along with passion about Time to market, quality and customer satisfaction. I have a talent for making rapid assessments of diverse situational challenges and then developing and leading the resulting action plans. In short , a problem solver.

Extra Ventures

  • Potmax (www.potmax.com) , Talent management, Music Production and Public Relations company formed since 2009 along with my wife. Our company’s work have been featured both internationally and nationally in different media. The company is a Member of ASCAP and Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau.
  • Developed the identify and creation of a community of 500 Homeowners in Santa Clara, Missionhub (www.missionhub.org) , first of a kind community that was build by bringing people together to create one identity , which is considered as first of a kind in Silicon Valley, that is not an HOA. Even on government documentations the whole community is mentioned popularly as Missionhub.
  • Singing for Greener Tomorrow (www.singingrecord.com) is developed with a vision to create a platform to increase awareness about our environment and use music as a medium to bring communities together. We are creating something unique “Silicon Valley Style” , where musicians from different cultures come together for a common cause i.e. Save the Environment. 

Campaigns and Activism: Footwork and door to door campaign in Santa Clara for Measure C (extra funds for School), Measure J (Building the NFL stadium in Santa Clara for 49ers), Stop Don Callejon School reboundary. All campaigns have been successful at the ballots. Tons of information is readily available on the web.