During the August 11, 2012 event known as “Freedom Run” , California State Assembly member Bob Wiekowski presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Niloy (Neil) Banerjee in recognition of his voluntary work in the community. Also present was Congressman Mike Honda and Fremont City Vice-Mayor Anu Natarajan. Neil has a long history of voluntary work in the community. Apart from being in the high tech industry for more than 14 years and working in Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe and here in the USA, Niloy Banerjee whom all of us know as Neil, devotes considerable amount of time volunteering for multiple different organizations. He already developed the identity and creation of a community of 500 Homeowners in Santa Clara, known as Missionhub (www.missionhub.org) , first of a kind community that was build by bringing people together to create one identity , which is considered as first of a kind in Silicon Valley, that is not an HOA. Even on government documentations the whole community is mentioned popularly as Missionhub now. Singing for Greener Tomorrow (www.singingrecord.com) was developed with a vision to create a platform to increase awareness about our environment and use music as a medium to bring communities together. He is credited for bringing something unique “Silicon Valley Style” , where musicians from different cultures come together for a common cause i.e. Save the Environment. He is also a lender with KIVA.ORG (www.kiva.org) , providing financial help to people in need to help them run a business. He was called upon to contribute to DCSCO (www.dcsco.org) to join as an interim board member to reinstate the organization with the Santa clara Unified School District. He is currently in the Board of Directors of GOPIO Silicon Valley (www.gopiosv.org) and part of the unique program where we provide free food to the homeless every week on sundays. Neil, has always been very much involved in Campaigns and Activism: Footwork and door to door campaign in Santa Clara for Measure C (extra funds for School), Measure J (Building the NFL stadium in Santa Clara for 49ers) and again Measure H (extra Bond for education) and the list goes on. All campaigns have been successful at the ballots. He is recognized for his continued selfless service to the community over the years and many more years to come and last but not the least many other non-profits/government campaigns also rely on his organizational abilities to help them out with their fundraising or media campaigns.” when asked about the recognition that he received , his one sentence feedback was ” Thanks for the recognition and the motivational boost to serve my community. All of you have given me and my family so much, I try to do my level best to serve for good Karma and set an example for my children”
Watch the video of all the awardees here: