During the ‘The Khantastic Music Concert’ held on the evening of Saturday, March 24th 2012, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Part of the profits from the Khantastic Music Concert benefited the Akshaya Trust, Madurai Tamil Nadu. The Akshaya Trust was founded by Mr. Narayanan Krishnan, recepient of the CNN 2010 Hero Award.


On this ocassion , GOPIO silicon Valley gave a “Community Service” award to “Narayanan Krishnan” to recognize his effort for the non-profit The Akshaya Trust.

Seen on pictures: GOPIO Silicon Valley President Ajay Jain Bhutoria, Fremont City Vice-Mayor Anu Natarajan, San Jose City Council Member Ash Kalra, Mr. Narayanan Krishnan, GOPIO Silicon Valley Board Member Niloy (Neil) Banerjee

(featured image: courtesy CNN website)