Location : IND TV Studio , 372 Turquoise Street
Milpitas, CA 95035
Time : 2 – 4 PM

Date: June 1, 2013

GOPIO Silicon Valley , Women Now, IND TV & Maithry Presents and Invites you to upcoming event
Supported by 60+ Organizations

“Democracy 101 – Political Education and Kids & Youth Panel”

Join with your Friends ,Family and Kids .
1)Learn about Different Positions available in City/State Boards, Commissions, Council , State and Federal Positions
2)Learn about Successful Fund raising Techniques
3)Learn about Election Campaigns

Guest Speakers who have done it and can show you the way.
Education is Important for you to understand the Process ,

DARE to DREAM BIG for Yourself and For Your Kids ! Developing leaders for tomorrow.

Kids Panel to Ask and Quiz Questions to the Leaders :
Are You Smarter than the 6th -8th Graders.

You can Learn and plan to run or Learn and Know & DREAM for YOUR KIDS to be PRESIDENT ,SENATORS, CONGRESSMAN ,ASSEMBLY Members COUNCIL Members ,Elected officials of USA some day !