Commendation of the Indo-American Community Federation & the Global OrgAnization of the People of Indian Origin of the Silicon Valley

11 Years of Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Acceptance of Indo-American Religion and Culture in the Bay Area

WHEREAS, the  Indo-American Community Federation (IACF-USA)” founded in 1993  by Jeevan  Zutshi, has been  working to promote the civic  involvement of  Indo-Americans by providing educational, social, and  financial resources,  in addition to co-organizing the Unity  in Diversity  Dinner; and

WHEREAS, the Global Organization  of the People of  Indian Origin  (GOPIO), founded in 1989, has been working  to promote the  well-being of people of  Indian origin around the world, and  to enhance cooperation and  communication between  lndian communities in  Silicon Valley and globally; and

WHEREAS, IACF-USA and  GOPIO –  Silicon Valley established the Unity  in Diversity  Dinner as a direct response to the  discrimination experienced  by Indo-Americans after September I l, 2001, in an effort to promote acceptance  of Indo-American religion and  culture in the Bay  Area; and

WHEREAS,IACF-USA and GOPIO –  Silicon Valley are celebrating their I lth annual Unity  in Diversity Dinner in the City of  Fremont; and

WHEREAS,IACF-USA and GOPIO –  Silicon Valley have  utilized the Unity  in Diversity  Dinner to highlight issues  important to the  Indo-Americans for other  Bay Area communities; and

WHEREAS,IACF-USA and GOPIO –  Silicon Valley’s  commitment to improving the lives of  Indo-Americans around the world has provided  the Silicon Valley  Indo-American community a significant service  through the Unity  in Diversity  Dinner.


I, Congressman  Michael M. Honda, do hereby recognize and commend Indo-American  Comtnunity Federation &  Global Organization of the People  of Indian Origin for their dedication and service to the  Indo-American communities of  Silicon Valley.


Michael M. Honda

Member of Congress