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Worldwide GOPIO organizations

All over the world there are other GOPIO organizations representing local communities and population. Here is a snapshot of the other organizations. Contact us, if

March 06, 2012 About

History and formation of GOPIO

There are over 20 million people of Indian origin (PIO) living outside India. With this large group of people, a new global community of Indian

February 19, 2012 About
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GOPIO Constitution

The GOPIO Silicon Valley Chapter is bound by the GOPIO Constitution, details of which are mentioned below: CONSTITUTION OF THE GLOBAL ORGANIZATION OF PEOPLE OF

February 14, 2012 About
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Vision and Mission

GOPIO is a non-partisan, secular global organization engaged in promoting the well being of People of Indian Origin, enhancing cooperation and communication between Indians living

February 13, 2012 About
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GOPIO Silicon Valley Chapter

GOPIO SILICON VALLEY is the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin, Silicon Valley Chapter, Dedicated to the promotion of well being of people of Indian

February 13, 2012 About

GOPIO International

GOPIO since its beginning in New York, in 1989, has organized conferences, seminars, talks, discussions and other activities, aimed at emphasizing PIO activities and at

February 13, 2012 About
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